Re: Reinforcing keel on C

Posted by LeeG on Apr 25, 2007

The reason the manual doesn't mention it is for a few reasons. 1. not needed 2. 9oz tape is dificult to fair in. 3. high wear occurs in a few square inches of the bow and stern,,more than will be adressed by one layer of 9oz tape. 4. the first,second to hundredth stone will hit in many places other than a 3" wide strip under the keel.

If you are really concerned about having a rugged hull then put some glass cloth between the chines/keel in the compartments especially behind the aft bulkhead. If this is addressed then never mind, if it's not then think about where weight is distributed on the bottom of the hull when you sit on the aft edge of the coaming while sitting at the beach.

Just to see if this is necessary turn the hull over and press down hard over the cockpit area. You'll notice the keel is rigid with very little flexing between chines/keel where the interior is glassed. Now do the same in the aft compartment about six inches behind the aft bulkhead between the keel and chine.

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