Paint Brand Comparison

Posted by John Beck on Apr 25, 2007

In the "for what it's worth" department Jamestown Distributors evaluated Interlux Brightside (I), Petit Easypoxy (P) and Epifanes Mono-urethane (E) for ease of application, dry time and scratch resistance. See the 3 minute youtube video link below. All 3 needed two coats to cover. I was surprised to see that after drying they wet sanded and buffed them all. Has anyone tried that?

Summary: Dry to touch I=5 hrs, P=18 hrs, E still tacky after 24 hrs. Ease of application/tipping best to worst P,E,I (although they didn't add anything to any of the paints). Scratch resistance: I and P easily scratched while E shows very little damage.

The scratch resistance is worth considering. Lets see what they look like after 2 years of use and weather.


Paint Comparison