Re: Trouble with the deck

Posted by Jay on Apr 25, 2007

I had the same problem even using bs1088 4mm. I found a source locally and bought it as I could afford it. the lesson learned for me, was that if the plywood has been sitting around for a while, it dries out and becomes brittle. took two tries for me to get the fore deck on. Now I always test flex the sheets, and can definitely tell a difference. If I experience the same problem again I plan on purchasing the deck sheet from CLC. You know that they go through enough of it, that it doesn't have a chance to sit around and dry out. And another thing I theorized on my problem, was that the strap itself "cut" into the edge of the deck. under that much tension, a (cheap) nylon strap's edge will become rigid. once the first few fibers are severed, that's it. to combat that problem, I used corrogated cardboard bent 90 deg. over the edge and under the strap, to disperse the tension. Good luck.


In Response to: Trouble with the deck by Matt on Apr 24, 2007