Re: Trouble with the deck

Posted by Laszlo on Apr 25, 2007


I've built several boats with 1/4 inch plywood (including non-marine) as well as a Chesapeake 16LT and I would say there's no way to use 1/4 inch door skin for that deck.

The deck bends in 2 directions at once. Plywood resists doing that. The thicker the wood, the more resistance. Door skins are not strong enough to stand up to the forces generated by that resistance. They were designed to be used as perfectly flat, mostly non-load-bearing components.

The only way that I can see you successfully using door skins is to cut them up and make a strip deck (like the guy in the shopcam is doing). Even that way you'll end up with a heavier and weaker deck than using the recommended plywood.

The best choice is to bite the bullet and get the recommended wood. There may be some financial pain and delay, but eventually you'll be glad you did. It'll be lighter, stronger and easier to work with. Your boat will look better and be safer (if that door skin is breaking in the shop, what's it going to do out on the water?).


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