Re: Epifane RapidCoat War

Posted by Michael on Apr 24, 2007

I had a similar experience when I tried to use Epifane on the interior of my Wherry. I had five coats of Schooner applied & thought the semi-gloss offered by this product was just the ticket. Like John, I quickly found out it was a nightmare to work with - I ended up wiping off the area I had applied it to & got the Schooner back out for the final coat. I did use the contact number on their web-site prior to application to make sure it was compatible & afterward to explain my experience. The tech told me perhaps I wasn't applying it thick enough, & try a practice area. Too bad there's nowhere to hide in the Wherry!Anyone else have any experience w/ Epifanes? If you believe what you read, it should be great. (I'd still like to get a satin/semi-gloss finish - any thoughts)?

In Response to: Epifane RapidCoat Warning by John Beck on Apr 24, 2007