Epifane RapidCoat Warning

Posted by John Beck on Apr 24, 2007

This is my testimonial NOT to try Epifanes RapidCoat in place of varnish. I can here you all now snickering and guffawing and telling me so, but I've got my reasons. I love Schooner varnish and have had good success in the past, but I wanted to try this stuff since it is clear and won't tint the blue stain on my SW deck, and it's semi-gloss which I was hoping wouldn't show the usual wear and tear as quickly as high gloss. And it says you can recoat within a few hours without sanding (who's not for that!).

First off, it's the viscosity of water and they say not to thin it with anything, oh oh. I realized during application of the first coat that this probably wouldn't work out. Its name, RapidCoat, describes its application properties; unable to maintain wet edge while leaving lap marks and brush marks. It dried so fast it looked like I've left holidays when I actually didn't. It reminded me of painting the fence in the yard under hot Virginia August sun with unthinned, 5 year old latex paint; insti-dry.

Not to worry, I've sanded it down and happily applied old faithful (Interlux Schooner Varnish) this morning with good success.

See you all at OkoumeFest with my shiny new boat.