Re: plywood backrest

Posted by John Beck on Apr 23, 2007

Jay, Regarding the stiffener, I had the same concerns that clamping a flat piece of 4mm ply to my curved Shearwater hybrid hatch would flatten it out. I cut kerfs into the 4mm ply using the tablesaw with depth about 2/3 way through the ply. I spaced the cuts about 3/8" to 1/2" apart (depending on the radius of bend). The result is like a roll top desk that lays on the curved hatch or seatback with no stress. Fill all the cuts with plenty of thickened epoxy (thick enough that it doesn't drain out of the cuts) and hold it all together with minimal clamping.

Minicell is easily worked by hand with sandpaper, Shinto saw rasp or Stanley Surform(cheese grater).

Go for it.


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