beach wheels

Posted by Terry on Apr 22, 2007

I'm not sure when but there was a thread that was linked to a site that dealt w/beach wheels. It was in support of a message re: lightweight boats built w/foam or paper. My comment is concerning the broad range of product available in beach wheels. I recently acquired an Aqua Cat 14 and a set of beach wheels to lauch it. It turned out the hubs that contain the delrin bearings on the axle are corroded to the point that the set is not usable. Replacement has become a huge problem, everyone wants to sell you the wheels which include the hubs and bearings altogether; a cost I find ridiculous for solving the problem. So, my cautionary blurb, is be wary of that problem when looking for a set as water will most likely enter the inside of the wheel and if it is salt and conditions are right you will shortly find you need replacement parts. A used set of wheels is perhaps an even greater liability, often parts will no longer be available. If you search "beach wheels" you will find that people are posting pictures of sets that are successful for low cost to fabricate. Advantage DIYer.


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