Can't say- never

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 22, 2007

tried that. We tried several other cheaper brands that were supposedly good and for marine use- we were always dissapointed. We finally just settled on Z Spar 2015 for everything bright, interior and exterior. That way we only have one product to be familiar with and deal with.

Laura was VERY upset when we had to redo a set of hatch boards after 2 months, with Helmsman.

Customers DO NOT like that sort of thing.

I HAVE seen a long exposure use of Bristol Finish that looked really good- a hatch on a 30 footer that had been exposed for 2 years. Based on that we are going to try using it on a 28 foot wooden mast. I sure hope it lives up because (a- it's expensive stuff and (b we have to lower the mast to redo it- I sure don't want to have to redo the thing about September. A quick sand and recoat can be done with the mast standing from a bosun's chair, but this time we need to wood it. We're trying this on our own boat to test it.

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