plywood backrest

Posted by Jay on Apr 22, 2007

I'm in the process of putting together the traditional plywood backrest, and was wondering how well the minicell foam I'm about to buy to pad the cockpit can be shaped and the best method.

I'm assuming that this type foam has some give, but is actually a lot more dense than a Nerf-ball. If I glue a 3/4" piece to the backrest, can I sand with a belt sander to round over the corners?

also, I have laminated a stiffener and I am ready to epoxy it to the backrest. is this the correct method, or was I supposed to glue up the whole thing at once? I just couldn't see how I could clamp it on the radius form and have it come out lined up properly. I would also assume that the spring back and force of applying the 4mm will make the thing spring out to the proper radius. Anyone with experience with plywood backrests have any other suggestions/wisdom/advice. I'm also thinking of adding two other attachment points on the back for a bungee harness like the rapid pulse suspension system.

thanks in advance, Jay