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Posted by Brad Shook on Apr 20, 2007


I'm glad to hear you had success with your "system." Sometimes, I think that marine varnish manufacturers overcomplicate things just to hype up their product.

Case in point: Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane varnish at HD or Lowes for $15 a quart is just as good as the Epiphanes or Z-spar or Interlux products at 2-3 times the cost, just cause it says marine on it doesn't mean it will do any better job.

For those looking for an affordable HVLP system, I used the one linked with great success on my wife's boat last fall. It did a fine job and the only 2 things to adjust are the fan spray and the volume of material coming out.

For 100 bucks you can't beat it over foam brushes for speed.

Good luck Jay on future spray jobs!

Brad Shook Holland, MI

Affordable HVLP

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