Re: left overs

Posted by John Beck on Apr 19, 2007

Jay, How about little fastenerless boxes made by ripping a rabbet along each edge and gluing w/epoxy. These go together very quickly in one gluing operation. Tape the box together w/packing tape. Rip it in half after the glue cures. A strip 2" wide 7" long will make a 2" square box 1.5" tall. Size them properly for a set of nesting boxes.

I keep all scraps of ply and any lumber I use. I frequently cut 1" square pieces of 4 or 6mm ply as clamp pads. Wrap them in packing tape and epoxy won't stick to them. Not exactly the most dignified use, but at least it helps in the construction of another boat some day. For the hatch stiffeners/eye attachment strips I recently glued to the underside of my flush hatches I used scraps of mahogany, that I've kept for years, from a Lightning sailboat.


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