Re: Texas Kayak Builders

Posted by George K on Apr 18, 2007

Well, um, er, now Kurt, you know I'm a bit shy and don't want first billing. Maybe I'll just send the boats. Actually I'm looking forward to getting people's reactions to the SIS. I just had it at the Florida Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival and got nothing but good reviews from all who paddled it. Paddling conditions were slightly choppy with 20+ mph winds. The boat handled well. It's pretty quick, too. I raced my 25 year old nephew who was in my WR 18 and smoked him. I'll admit I have a few more years experience paddling but I also have 27 more years on the old body.

And about that complimentary shrimp dinner. When I signed up for this thing I was told Kurt was buyin'!

Looking forward to seeing everybody, and Kurt, in just over a week.

George K

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