Texas Kayak Builders Bash

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 17, 2007

Just a reminder... We're still on for the Texas Kayak Builders Bash at San Luis Pass on Galveston Island's west end Saturday April 28, 2007.

Come out and see some beautiful, expertly built boats, plus a couple of mine, too. Come see some expert paddling demonstrations, and I'll be out there also. Come see the George K exhibit with the Sea Island Sport as our movie star guest appearance. Oh man, I'm gettin' dizzy just thinking about all this.

If Texas is too far away for you to come, that's okay... come anyway. We won't tell anyone how you added to the global warming greenhouse gas problem. We'll make it worth your while by getting George to treat you to a fried shrimp dinner at Ernie's Bait Camp.

Hoo boy, I can't wait...!

Cheers, Kurt