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Posted by Chuck Tribe on Apr 17, 2007


I recently had this same issue on my MC 16.5. I had built another 16.5 a couple of years ago, but had forgotten what I had done. I talked to John at CLC and he told me to use a straightedge between the carlin and sheer clamp and plane the sheer clamps so that they were on the same plane as the carlins. Do this between the aft bulkhead and the deckbeam. DO NOT try to follow the directions in the building manual for this portion of the sheer clamp.

On my boat, the part of the sheer clamps planed ranged between the inside edge, to none, to the outside edge. As I approached the nose block, it was necessary (in spite of the admonition to the contrary) to plane a little of the inside edges of the carlins. To avoid removing compromising the strength of the carlin too much, I lefet a bit of a gap between the straightedge and the outer edge of the carlin; this was filled in by the epoxy squeeze-out when I clamped the deck down.

I hope this is useful. Chuck T

In Response to: Planing sheer clamp on MC by Doug Arndt on Apr 16, 2007