Checking keel alignment

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 16, 2007

Find yoruself a straight piece of wood, any old piece will do. Set the kayak on horses so that the keel is straight up. Stand the wood up at one end of the kayak and align the wood so that one edge of it can be eyed along the line of the keel. Now stand back a little and use your eyes to see if the line of the keel follows the edge of the wood. If the keel line does not follow the edge of the wood, you got a problem - your kayak may not run straight, depending on how bad the curvature along the keel is. That said, if there is a curvature, it can be repaired. I'll tell ya more about how to do that only if you discover that the keel is not straight. Email me if you need more info or I can post the message here.

That all said, if the keel is straight, man did you get a steal of a deal.

Robert N Pruden

ht4k ht4k ht4k, gotta remember that

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