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Posted by Chris J. on Apr 16, 2007

Doug….I’m exactly at the same stage...

I e-mailed John Harris at CLC yesterday with the following question:

“If you refer to the attached photo, I have placed my 30” sheer clamp planning template at the forward knee of my Mill Creek 16.5. Should the top edge of the knee have been more in line with the 30” radius or should I just plane the sheer clap to this radius? Should I be concerned with this gap?”

John’s response today was:

“The side decks will span sheer clamp and carlin in a straight line---the planing guide only applies from the bulkhead forward (and from the aft bulkhead back). The plywood is meant to go flat over that span. Hope that helps.”

I’ve attached the photo link that I sent to John as reference.

You put your deck on first and let me know how it turns out...good luck!


Planing Sheer Clamp

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