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Posted by Clark Tuttle on Apr 13, 2007

Had the same concern when I built my Mill Creek 13 (2) years ago. I could not find any manufacturer that made one that would fit the cock pit of the Mill Creek. I like you posted a request for help on this forum. No responses.

I sent the wife to Campmor to see what they had. They didn't carry any thing but the salesman told my wife that he alway sewed his own. My wife is a good seamstress so she purchased some heavy vinyl material and some bungee cord and we had a cock pit cover. The only problem that came up was due to the pointy front of the cock pit, it didn't have anything for the bungee sewn into the cover to grag onto and I didn't feel that it would stay on when travelling. To solve this I had the wife sew on (6)loops, (3) each side spaced along the outer edge of the cover and I would pass bungee cords under the hull of the Mill Creek and attach them to the loops on each side of the cover. Worked like a charm. We use the Mill Creek as a cargo carrier when we go away with the boats. We have traveled in the rain and the cover has never collapsed from the weight of the collected water while parked and the wind created from driving has never pulled it off.

I hope this helps.

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