Re: about that varnish/hv

Posted by Ingrid H on Apr 10, 2007

Wow you're having a bad time... Maybe there is some voodoo varnish painting curse on you. I say go for the spray. I sprayed varnish before and it was really easy. You've got several coats to spray for practice. Only the last one needs to please you.

I'm not really up on the subject of sprayers, but I don't think the one I used was hvlp. I bought the kind that's just a pot with a gun attached and the air hose attaches right to it. The gun cost me about $17.00, cleanup was minimal, and the results were gorgeous.

Good luck!

P.S. I thought you said in a previous thread that you were definitely not going to get naked to varnish...

In Response to: about that varnish/hvlp by Jay on Apr 10, 2007