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Posted by John Beck on Apr 10, 2007

Jay, It sounds to me like you were not able to maintain a wet edge during your roller/brush attempt. What thinner did you use? Interlux has brushing liquid 333 which gives more working time or special thinner 216 (japanese drier) to hasten drying. I rarely need thinner for a new can of Interlux Schooner varnish, and when I do it is only a little. You may want to work a smaller area to keep that wet edge from drying out. The last section of the link below is CLC painting tips. It works for me.

A sprayer may provide the results you want, but not, I suspect, without similar trials and tribulations while becoming familiar with it (not to mention the gallons and cost of solvent).

Whatever you choose, I hope it works out.


CLC varnish tips

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