about that varnish/hvlp

Posted by Jay on Apr 10, 2007

maybe it's a large surface area on this door shell, but I will not be using the roller/brush method on my kayak if that's what it looks like.

congratulations to those who have mastered this technique. I have never cursed more, or made as many combinations of foul words before. As for the door shell, i will be wet sanding it for the final time and applying a paste wax.

Please tell me how in the world you apply varnish without a lapping effect. I have a fine line every 12-18 inches. I'm using interlux schooner varnish with 10% thinner. It just doesn't flow out like I think it should, and I have ended up with brush marks and believe it or not, "holidays" throughout. I have never been so livid, when I look at the varnish as it is setting and drying, and thought how embarassed I am about the finish. I've done a lot of refinishing, and use a lot of laquer, shellaq and poly very succesfully with brushes. I have never been so frustrated.

Varnishing naked didn't help either, although I did feel a certain amount of freedom and liberation during the experience.

as for now, I think I will be borrowing that hvlp gun, and using it for the kayak. If you think the z-spar is the way to go, please advise on if it's really that much better than the schooner varnish.

Any more suggestions on techniques with roller/brush will be entertained, but I plan on pumping out as many VOC's and atomized particles as it takes to get a good finish.

thanks to all who respond, advise, or sympathize, Jay