Re: Latest shop cam pix

Posted by Mac on Apr 7, 2007

That little high-tech gadget will NEVER work.

It's missing the most critical and central component - the CLC, American, Good Luck, Copper Penny!

They've scoured the shop looking for the little devil, but they'll never find her there. (Snicker)

She rode the ol' Underground Railway to Montreal back last November (Hee Hee).

- hiding in a big cardboard box full of nice wood and stuff.

Since then she's realized her true value here in the north and is working hard to increase the value of the kit in which she stowed-away.

To avoid extradition, she has entered the RCMP's version of the witness protection program, and we've renamed her Scupper. She's epoxied (MAS of course) proudly in a prominent but sheltered place of honor aboard what I believe to be Quebec's first SIS.

True to her word, this kayak has been evaluated by Lloyds of Canada as priceless and therefore uninsurable against theft.

No biggie, it'll always be identifiable thanks to our little refugee from Annapolis.

So John, if you want to send us the rest of the gizmo..... before someone from Homeland Security...WOMD?....


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