another epoxy Q

Posted by Jay on Apr 5, 2007

So, I've really gotten to where I like using the resin. I decided to use the last remaining bit on a project- making a desk out of a door shell and a couple of filing cabinets. figured why not put a finish on there that won't be effected by water and sun. Also let me use up the last 8 oz. of resin for 2 coats on the top.

first thing i noticed were some gummy/crystalized lumps in the resin. I let it slide figuring it's been sitting around for a while. they did cause a slight problem smoothing the epoxy, but no big deal, it's just a desk.

the big thing that I noticed, and I've seen this on my yak that I just finished but haven't varnished, are these "spots." about 1/16-1/8" round. where the resin isn't sticking to the previous coat. sort of like an oil spot on the driveway during a rain.

I've sanded between coats, washed with plain water really well, dried, wiped with a clean dry cloth, then re-coated. what is it, and will it effect varnish? any suggestions? I noticed that when I used the dry foam brush, i could work the resin around the spot and eventually make it flow over them, but there were quite a few of them, and it may have pulled back again before it set. (using slow hardener)

TIA, jay