Re: SW Hatch Rims???

Posted by George K on Apr 4, 2007

I made my own recessed hatch on my WR and did not install a rim. Then I built the Sea Island and used the rims CLC provided. Neither hatch leaks. On the WR the gasket is attached to the sill. On the Sea Island it's attached to the hatch. The gasket doesn't fit between the rim and deck as it's supposed to form a seal on the sill and rim. The rim will be a tighter seal, obviously. If you do decide to install the rim it'll raise your hatch up a bit which you may need since you installed a spacer. If the hatch fits a bit proud of the deck with the gasket installed the bungies will pull it down flush. You just don't want the finished bungied-down hatch to be lower than the deck. Test fitting with a few pieces of gasket scrap will help you decide.

George K

In Response to: SW Hatch Rims??? by John Beck on Apr 4, 2007