Re: Am I missing a page?

Posted by CLC on Apr 2, 2007

Pages 19 & 20 of the Version 1.6 Passagemaker Dinghy manual has seven captioned photographs and illustrations plus supporting text specific to stitching the Passagemaker. I cannot think of how to expand on that without making a video, which we may very well do. (Actually, the CLC kayak-building video is perfectly applicable to the Passagemaker's process.)

However, everyone, including me, gets frustrated with instructions once in awhile. (I almost cut up and ate the manual for a car stereo a few months ago.) Thus we stand by, and not in Bangalore, either. If you get stuck, please send us an email (click on "CLC Tech Help Line" at the top of the page) or call 410 267 0137 and we'll help you out. I've been told we're good that way and we work very hard at it.

Boatbuilding in Moving Pictures

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