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Posted by LeRoy on Apr 1, 2007


For fishing I prefer a shorter oar with oarlock clamps. The clamps keep the oars aligned and ready... you don’t want to fool around with oars when positioning your boat for a good cast. This set up would also be good for children or a less coordinated family member. You can replace the clamps with standard oarlocks to practice feathering, etc. Start with this “fishing” setup, have some fun, then buy a second longer set after you have more experience. If you are not fishing in tight confines you can start with longer oars, but the weight of a shorter oar will be easier for children to handle.

Depending on how much over 6’ you are, and how high your fixed seat is, you may need oarlock risers... it takes trial and error, and rowtime to really get it right. The Shaw & Tenney site has good info on oar length:

Tight lines, LeRoy

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