Re: Twist and shout seats

Posted by DJ on Mar 30, 2007

Many people have used seats they like - often commercial seats - as molds to make their own out of fiberglass. Instead of doing all that, though, perhaps you could just cover the foam seat in your S&G with a few layers of glass and epoxy. The hardened shape would conform to the seat you already have and you'd still get some "give", but the surface would be nice and slick. I have no experience with the adhesion of epoxy to minicell foam, so that might be problematic. You could just use your seat as a mold, by covering it with plastic. That should still give you a hard shell which you can attach any way you like. Make two, and you can replace your Thermarest cushion . . . .

There are detailed instructions for seat making all over the web. Good luck!

In Response to: Twist and shout seats? by jeffrey wong on Mar 29, 2007