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Posted by Mac on Mar 30, 2007


Can't post yet - just getting digitalized - and the kayaks are at the cottage in the basement and there's many feet of snow just now.

If you plane the newly installed deck flush with the hull's sides and epoxy on the rubrails to be just a little proud of the deck, then plane the rails flush with the deck, you're there.

The rails make the deck glassing a breeze as they provide a natural wrap-over surface, and the glass hangs free without touching the hull sides at all if you're careful. Eight hours later - zip along the lower edge of the rail with the razor blade and presto - you're a pro.

(It's all smoke and mirrors).

Last winter, I built the equivalent of a WR18, and didn't install rub rails. I did the masking tape trick to create a perfect 1" overlap and it worked a treat. Then I feathered the ridge perfectly - no way can you feel or see the edge. I did a bright finish on the kayak and the sun shows the end of the 4oz cloth under the varnish (like the ends of fiberoptics if you know what I mean.) Drives me nuts.

I'm having the samr problem with my Sea Island Sport.


Anal Mac from Montreal

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