Shopcam Speculations

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 30, 2007

OK, no one else is taking the bait, so I guess I have to. First, that's mighty thick wood. Combine that with the length and the curves, I still say that the best is a counter top for the showroom. Barring that, it looks like the side panels for a wooden ice-breaker pirogue.

If it really is a side panel, that convex curve would result in pretty much a flat sheer. So it could be a long narrow river boat (sort of like a tropical dugout canoe). Alternatively, there could be another panel coming for the convex side and it could be a multi-chined boat. Either way, it looks as if it's heading for a flat bottom (unless someone slips in another chine along the concave edge). Whatever it is, it'll be large, heavy and could carry a big load.

Viking boat for Okoumefest?