Twist and shout seats?

Posted by jeffrey wong on Mar 29, 2007

I have had a Seda kayak and now an Epic kayak which I enjoy racing on occasion. I have also two s/g kayaks, which I also enjoy racing. The plastic seats in the former seem far more suited to racing for my particular paddling style which includes significant body rotation. The s/g kayaks have a foam seat in one and a thermarest cushion in the other, both of which have given me blisters in my rear. They grabbed my shorts too much forcing my shorts to rub my skin.

Thanks Jeff I have raced the s/g boats sitting on 1 mil plastic trash bags--they worked. Can somebody suggest a means by which I can easily & permanently make the seats in the s/g boats more slick? I usually wear nylon or polyester bottoms which work great with the plastic seats.