Re: Rubail Asthetics

Posted by Mac on Mar 28, 2007


I would consider the abuse the kayak will be asked to endure.

Will you embark and disembark beside a wharf, a ladder, a seawall, a rock?

Are your paddlers paddle bangers? ie: newer paddlers who scrape their paddles along the deck edge?

When paddling in groups, do you often "raft" with other kayaks during breaks, lunch etc?

Those, in my humble opinion, are the rubs.

Rub rails are easier to replace than deck edges are to repair.

I can see why your son doesn't like them as no composite kayaks (read tupperware) have them.

On the other hand, I love them as they remind me of wooden craft (I even have brass nails in mine for that old Chris Craft look).

Hope this just confuses you more.

If so, my work here is done:)



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