Re: Varnishing Frustratio

Posted by Mac on Mar 27, 2007


Yep, the rest of the household can just thank you for cleaning the air so well with your special dust magnet.

I've accepted that my boats are safer with that suregrip finish. I mean, who wants a kayak that squirts away at critical moments?

It's funny how your eyesight is better than everyone elses when it comes to your boat.

Believe me, once you've fully rigged her and she's out in the real world (not under the harsh lights of your garage/shop) you'll get nothing but compliments.

Somehow, those microscopic little bits just fall away once you've paddled a few times with your eyes focused on the scenery and the horizon.

Maybe H2O is some sort of magic polishing compound?

Safe and happy paddling!


In Response to: Varnishing Frustration by Jon B on Mar 26, 2007


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