Re: Hatch Fitting Questio

Posted by Peter Martin on Mar 23, 2007


I experienced a similar problem. What I did was cut a civer of 4mm ply which would fit inside the hull and cover the area between the edge of the hatch cover & the surriunding deck. The screws or nuts/bolts fastening the hatch to the deck shouid be long enough to include the additional 4mm sheet added to the inside of the deck.

So what you are left with are these gaps where the decks meet the hatches which can be filled with epoxy resin mixed with find sanded wood taken from your belt or random sander - make it into a mayonaise consistency preferably using the sandings from the decks you have been fine sanding as filler for the epoxy resin. Once dried & you have matched the colour spot-on you shoulf be right. Only go to this trouble if you are going to varnish the decks - if you intend painting use a good durable water proof wood filler.

I hope this helps

Good luck Peter

In Response to: Hatch Fitting Question by Tim Clark on Mar 22, 2007