Re: Mirage Drive in a bui

Posted by John S. Short on Mar 23, 2007

Thankee Sai!! The wife and I peddled our future Mirage Outfitter yesterday and loved it! That thing moved out and actually paddled well too. The test boat we peddled had a turbo kit on the rear seat, mine, and a regular setup in front. If any of you are into tandeming, get two turbos as the regular drive will add nothing to the turbo drive. There was no change in speed whether she peddled or not, we ordered the second turbo upgrade. I still want to mount that devil into the Little Kate canoe, I'll bet that baby'll break out on a plane! Don't know which will look funnier, the fast little 11 foot canoe or the guy peddling it with an "I invented teeth" grin!!

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