Re: CH 16 sea trial Q's

Posted by Dave Houser on Mar 22, 2007

Yes as already mentioned you need a comfortable thin seat (carved mini cell is my preference) hip braces, knee braces and foot braces. All are necessary to lock you into the cockpit. It is your knees that react to the tipping of the kayak. If they are not pressing up on the underside of the deck there is no body contact with the kayak that can quickly counter tipping.

The solo re-entry I prefer is the cowboy (scramble) because it is quickest (including pump out time) with the least water left in the cockpit. It also can be difficult especially in water with a lot of motion. The paddle float is a must know for every one. Re-enter and roll is the fastest back in but leaves the cockpit half full of water. Doing the re-enter and roll with a paddle float is good for those who do not have a roll down. TAKE A CLASS it just might save your life.

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Paddle Float Recovery

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