Re: Gaps in Stitching

Posted by Norm on Mar 22, 2007

Ok... Last evening, I went back to the garage and did some non-musical fiddlin'and realized (duh!) that when the panels are strongly encouraged together, they indeed close the majority of the gap I've mentioned. I discovered yet another concern, particularly at the stern. The scarf seam is relatively close to this area of compression and slight twist. Might it be a good idea to reinforce these two seams with 'glass tape prior to final stitching/compression and the epoxy process? It's not as much of a concern in the bow section as the scarf seam is further away from the area of panel compression. I just get a bit nervous when I beging to hear the wood complain...

In Response to: Re: Gaps in Stitching by CLC on Mar 21, 2007