Re: Removing epoxy from s

Posted by Camper on Mar 22, 2007

The block plane will dull so quickly that an ordinary 1000/6000 waterstone will not be coarse enough to sharpen it. Someone on this forum published a link to a site with a coarser stone, I think maybe it is 250/1000. I bought one, and it solves the problem.

If you decide to use your block plane (rather than the other very good suggestions like belt sander, dremel, and Shinto rasp) then I recommend ordering such a coarse waterstone. I think it was from Lee Valley.

The alternatives to a coarse stone are metal files and "scary sharp" method. Both work very well. "Scary sharp" is VERY expensive, however, if you are planing off epoxy drips and runs. After a good workout on epoxy runs, you will need to start "scary sharp" with roughly 60 grit. And then go through every other grit up to about 400 before you are ready for the waterstone. Each sheet of paper costs more than a buck.

Metal file works, too. If you mount the plane iron in a Veritas jig, you can actually roll the jig right on the file, and get it ready for final honing on the waterstone.

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