Re: CH 16 sea trial Q's

Posted by Jim E on Mar 17, 2007

To address the "will my feet fit?" question - When you are corrcetly seated with your knees under the braces, you toes will be cocked outwards with the heels close to the centerline. There's more room than you might think.

Things to do until you get to that class? Practice popping off your sprayskirt with your eyes shut. Then practice wet-exiting in waist deep water with a buddy on hand to pull you up if necessary. While you're about it, try using the paddle float to get back in.

That first class will teach you paddling skills and assisted/self rescues, but not rolling. You could do what I did, go straight to a pool based rolling class after your first kayaking class. You don't need experience to learn to roll, but knowing how to roll will suddenly make the kayak seem less tippy! You will want to explore edging and bracing skills after that.

In Response to: CH 16 sea trial Q's by Jay on Mar 17, 2007