Re: electric kayak

Posted by LeRoy on Mar 17, 2007


Itís common for a light craft such as a square stern canoe with small outboard to suffer from the same problem you described. To keep the bow from rising when under power a long tiller extension is used to move the weight of the skipper as far forward as possible. Since you are in a fixed seat kayak the next best thing is to move the weight of your battery forward.

My recommendations where based on the following assumptions:

1. Since the minn kota motor you are using is for an engine mount I assumed you have devised a fixed mount and cannot tilt it while underway.

2. The fixed motor mount is positioned correctly when the kayak is fully loaded.

3. You have a full size marine 12v battery sitting in the aft compartment which will tend to make the kayak light in front. Moving it forward will balance the load and not create anymore stress in the bow then in does its aft position.

If these assumptions are true I stand behind my recommendation, if not, I am sorry for misleading you. Either way you may want to check out these websites:

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