Re: take a class, right?

Posted by LeeG on Mar 17, 2007

Not having footbraces is like riding a bicycle with 6" wide handlebars, not having hip/thigh bracing is like riding a bicycle with a loose seat that pivots/tips with every stroke. That said it's a kayak, not a jon boat. It will tip over if you have stiff hips/upper body. Think of a bicycle and not a tricycle. Just to repeat, if you are planning on learning/developing skills without hip/thigh/foot braces you're handicapping yourself for no reason.

1. what kind of footgear are you wearing? Anything bigger than water socks/booties is too long. Especially Teva like sandals. Don't wear them.

2. if you haven't rounded the inside edge of the coaming or deck beam well you definately will want to after learning self-rescues.

3. the whole bit about using the paddle to brace for entry at the beach has problems. It invites putting too much weight on the paddle, you still have to enter centered, feet, knees, seat with a little weight on the paddle,not much. If there's no waves and the beach is long enough you can enter side to the beach leaning on the beach side of the bottom panel and pushing off leaning a bit to the water with your torso vertical,ie. cocking hips (gotta have those braces)

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