CH 16 sea trial Q's

Posted by Jay on Mar 17, 2007

Well, I finally finished! less the varnishing I decided I couldn't wait any more and had to put it in the water. Still need to practice the paddle brace entry. I was a bit surprised however that it didn't have more initial stability. It seemed a bit shaky at first but as I got used to it, I seemed to settle in. It seemed very efficient in the water.

As a novice paddler, my questions are: Is it normal for the Chesapeake to be a little tippy? I don't have a back band, hip braces, foot braces, and I'm using a throwable cushion for a seat. does that factor in? my feet feel kind of crammed in, too. I'm not sure that if I had a rudder and sliding foot braces I'd be able to use them. Am I mistaken? also, I was posed with the question, that if I were to capsize and be ejected from my kayak, how would I reenter it given the amount of care needed to enter on shore.

I did get my canoeing merit badge, and I'm well versed in rescue techniques for that, even solo. but any advice on these questions will be greatly appreciated. Until further notice, I definitely won't be heading out without a buddy. Another piece of advice the BSA instilled in me.

TIA, Jay