Re: Varnishing

Posted by John Beck on Mar 13, 2007

Absolutely the way to go on a flat surface. Use the same procedure as for rolling on Interlux paint. Use the yellow foam roller (I cut mine to 3" width, and apply over an area about 1 square foot with strokes against the grain. Use a 2" wide foam brush (a good one with wooden dowel handle) and brush with the grain going from dry into the wet edge of last pass. As with any paint or varnish technique, don't apply too much or it will run. The cost of throw away roller and foam brush is cheap compared to solvent to clean a good varnish brush, and without any disposal concerns.

If you want to reduce the amount of sanding required between coats you might want to consider Epifanes Wood Finish varnish that can be recoated without sanding if recoated within 72 hours. Of course you'll want to sand at least after every third coat to flatten out imperfections. It probably won't be a perfect piano finish (but they don't float so good anyway), but its a satisfactory boat finish.


In Response to: Varnishing by Jon B. on Mar 13, 2007