Re: Rudder Kit Dress Up

Posted by Kyle T on Mar 13, 2007

That's a cedar veneer epoxied on as an overlay on to the standard rudder. It's covered with a couple of thin coats of epoxy and some varnish but I left the perimeter of the rudder exposed in hopes that the wood will take less of a beating. The cable guides are made of marblewood.

Funny... It's not difficult to choose which toy because I have a strict schedule to make sure that I don't miss out. Tuesday and Friday I ride my mountain bike after work with a group of hard-core maniacs and Thursday night I do an evening paddle with a different group if the weather is appropriate. Saturday is reserved as track day on my motorcross bike. On Sundays I often do a long solo paddle down one of our wildest and least used rivers. Sunday evening I normally drive my '69 Mach 1 to dinner. Did I mention I ride my big Ninja to work most days?

Monday and Wednesday are open. Monday is usually a recovery day used to work on my stuff and Wednesday I'm on call to do whatever comes along.

In other words I try to keep busy.


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