Re: Shearwater Hybrids

Posted by John Beck on Mar 12, 2007

I've just completed my deck, and would be willing to help you if I can.

The lack of posts may be one or more of the following possibilities.

1. The countless hours of repetitious and mind numbing work of fitting all those skinny strips onto the deck has rendered us incapable of posting anything other than babble. 2. The kit is so easy to put together that there is no need for outside advice. 3. Hybrid builders are competent, experienced and confident builders who "don't need no stinkin' advice." 4. We're humble and unassuming and don't feel the need to post weekly updates. 5. We don't want to bring undue attention or expectations about the deck just in case it turns out like crap and needs to be painted. 6. We are posting our questions to a stripper forum instead of CLC. 7. We've gotten frustrated with the deck and are paddling a Shearwater canoe. 8. We're withholding any and all info and will dazzle the crowd at Okoume Fest with a grand unveiling of a masterpiece.


In Response to: Shearwater Hybrids by SilverDave on Mar 11, 2007