Fiberglassing Woops

Posted by Mike on Mar 11, 2007

I think I made a major oops? I just finished fiberglassing the haul on my first CLC boat. I have put on 3 coats of epoxy but had mixed results. Some parts look great, some still show weave and there were runs and thick sections of epoxy in others. Now to the point of my stomach ache. I think I sanded all the way through the fiberglass in a farily large area. I was working on sanding out a really thick area of epoxy before I did my last touch uo coat. I was using 60 grit paper on a orbital sander sanding maybe 10 min over about 1/4 of the bottom of the boat ( below the chine ). It was my first time sanding fiberglass and it created a light white coating over the area. I was sanding until the ridge of epoxy that was the blob was gone. When I wiped everything off with a towel it was really sooth but not the color of the rest of the epoxy/fiberglassed haul. It seems to be bare wood. O.K fix time. Ideally I'd love someone to just tell me it's impossible to sand through that thick layer that quick. But since I'm a realist and have screwed up other things even quicker than that how about some suggestions on a fix? Can I reglass just that area and try to feather it in with the sander ( here we go again ). Also how do I get rid of runs with out hitting the same problem? I know that was a novel bt hopefully someone can relieve my ingestion.