Re: Stripping

Posted by Greg M on Mar 9, 2007

I am also into my first experience with strip construction. After building sevral S&G boats I was given a strongback and set of forms for an Aderondack Guide Boat. I have the hull complete. Used staples because I decided it's more important to make sure the strips are in place and held till the glue sets. This was harder when the strips are twisted at the boat stems. The staple holes fill nicely with a dark walnut wood filler. I've yet to see how it will look with epoxy and varnish.

I completed sanding the outside of the hull. Found that a sharp scraper takes care of the glue drips and many high points Also sanding with a fairing board and coarse grit goes real fast with the soft ceder. I finished with 100 grit on a ROS with a vac attached.

Here's a link to photos of my stripping project

Guide Boat Photos

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