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Posted by Camper on Mar 9, 2007

Your other two options, if shipping is too costly, are Cape Horn and the Panama Canal.

Just saw a TV special about one guy who took the Cape route (Bligh, I think was his name). He had a sailrig. He hit some bad weather, and from the looks of it, his boat couldn't make more than 50% of an Eskimo roll. But, he just turned around and went the long way, and had no problem. Till the return trip.

If you do this, be sure to keep Africa on your left, and when you pass India, you are almost there. If you get hungry, stop at Tahiti and a lot of women will paddle out and give you breadfruit. Your wife will later casually remark on their unusual habits of dress. Tell her you didn't notice, you were just concentrating on making sure she would have plenty of good food for the final leg.

Bon voyage, and be sure to post pictures when you get to Washington.

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