Re: Staining the deck

Posted by John Beck on Mar 8, 2007

Matt, I've stained portions of my Chesapeake 16 with good success. You MUST use water based stain BEFORE any epoxy application because the epoxy seals the wood so it won't take any stain. Epoxy WILL NOT adhere to any oil based stain. The general consensus in recent threads is that tinting epoxy is not recommended. The procedure is: 1. Do final sanding of bare wood with 220 grit. 2. Apply water based stain. 3. Fiberglass/epoxy the deck. 4. Fill the weave. 5. Install ccokpit coaming and hatches. 6. Sand, skim coat of epoxy, final sanding w/ 220. 7. Varnish for UV protection.

Good luck, John

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