pint for the first batch?

Posted by LeeG on Mar 8, 2007

Is that what the manual says? That would invite a generous application of goop until you figure out how it flows. That's a large enough amount that it will warm up and flow a bit from it's own heat. Your experience is similar to mine when I first built a Patuxent s&g kayak.

When I first built a Patuxent I followed the drawings indicating fillet width. The images are clear and instructive but encourage an amount of epoxy goop that's much more than is needed for structural reasons with 3" tape over it. I could see that this beginning step in the use of epoxy goop is the first time to discover how larger amounts of epoxy can flow and how critical a particular viscosity is,,and how a pint of goop could get moved around and re-mixed when you discover it's too wet. Maybe mixing up 8oz first would be a better first time mix.

I found that stiff enough epoxy goop would open up cookie dough like tears when applied or wouldn't stick well.

Using a 90/10 woodflour/cabosil mix makes for a smoother application.

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