Re: What a mess!

Posted by Doug Arndt on Mar 7, 2007

Matt, had a sort of similar experience, fillet sagging. Like the others mentioned, it may not have been thick enough. Also, our first attempt, we brushed on the unthickened epoxy after the fillet and glass, and it seemed that epoxy just made the fillet soft and saggy.

First suggestion, heat up the epoxy and boat, nice and warm to the touch. (However, the VERY slow to cure we got used to ? ... now it kicks real fast) ... but it doesn't sag !

Also tried putting a coat of epoxy onto the wood next to the fillet, then the glass, then wet just enough to make it clear. With the warm epoxy, you don't put on so much (less sag), goes faster, soaks in easier.

The real key seemed to be, warm it up, then work fast (one pump batches were almost too much) ... could be I overdid the warm up.

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